When I was in high school, I doodled fictional sports logos in my spare time. Six years later, I decided to revisit my old California Soccer League drawings and give them new life on Adobe Illustrator!
The California Soccer League is a fictional 49-team league that is divided into seven geographical divisions, each with 7 teams. There are also six teams located outside of California, but they are close enough to the California state line to be placed in a California league. In this fictional realm, the MLS and USL do not exist and state-specific leagues dominate the American soccer landscape.

Why 49 teams? The number 49 is very significant number in California history, as the forty-niners flocked to California in 1849 in search of gold.
When making each team, I conducted extensive research into each location to make sure that the teams encapsulated what the location is best known for. Many teams have distinctive local flairs in their design, and the jersey sponsors are companies that are based in that specific area. The player names are also a notable person that comes from each area, and most of them don't actually play soccer!
While many of these digitized concepts are not faithful recreations of the original hand-drawn concepts, I still retain the original feel and aesthetic for many teams. Some teams are complete rebrands of the old hand-drawn identities, and there are three completely new teams.

119 team logos | 238 jersey designs
Personal passion project
Sports logo and soccer jersey concepts
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Good old pencil and paper!
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