I moved from California to Oregon in August of 2022, and I thought that creating another fictional soccer league would be an awesome way to learn more about my new state!
The Oregon League is a fictional 50-team league that is divided into five, ten-team divisions spread throughout the state of Oregon. In this fictional realm, the MLS (no Portland Timbers concepts here!) and USL do not exist and state-specific leagues such as the neighboring California Soccer League & California Soccer League Two dominate the American soccer landscape.
As with my previous projects, I conducted extensive research into each location to make sure that the teams encapsulated what the location is best known for. I also went on a few research road trips to get a feel of some parts of Oregon that a Google search might not always give. Many teams have distinctive local flairs in their design, and the jersey sponsors are companies that are based in that specific area. The player names are also notable people that come from each area, and most of them don't actually play soccer!
Learn more about these teams by clicking on any crest in the interactive map below!

50 team crests | 100 jersey designs
Personal passion project
Sports logo and soccer jersey concepts
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