My name is Lysander Caceres, and I was most recently a contract Visual Communicator working for Nike's Bowerman Creation University. I graduated from the California State University, Monterey Bay with a BS in Communication Design with a Visual Design concentration. I was also a Business Administration minor with a Marketing outcome, and I graduated with magna cum laude honors. I am based in Oregon's Willamette Valley, but I've also worked with clients near, far, & wherever you are!
Although I never set out to be a designer right from the get-go, all of my random childhood interests each added some new design knowledge to my skillset. My first interest in design came with a childhood fascination with colorful airline liveries that I saw during vacations to my Philippine homeland. I then became more interested in roads and freeways, where I learned about kerning & typesetting through the design of American road signs. Lastly, I developed an interest in sports branding during my high school years, which then evolved into a series of fictional sports leagues that experimented with a wide variety of styles & local flair.
Through the years, I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects that expanded my knowledge of print layouts & social media graphics. I've also gotten to design a few local City Council campaigns, with my logos even showing up on signage along streets around Monterey County! During my free time, I created location-based artwork for the Community Geofilters function on the Snapchat app as well as redesigns of every license plate in the United States & Canada.
I always enjoy designing new things & taking on new projects, and I hope to one day convert all of my concept work into more tangible identities in the future.
Learn more about what I do here, and my previous projects here.
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