In my free time, I create location-based Geofilter graphics for use on the Snapchat app. The locations are determined by individual requests, or locations that I consider needing in a new Geofilter design. Most of my Geofilters are found throughout California, but I also have created Geofilters well beyond the state borders. Take a look at a map of all my Geofilters!
Before starting each of my 234 Geofilter designs, I conduct extensive research into a particular location so that each design is customized to be unique to that particular location. This often includes references to a city's attractions and history. This platform also allows me to experiment with many styles of typography and design composition.
Once a Geofilter design is accepted by Snapchat, it can be used by any Snapchat user within a certain Geofence to decorate their pictures and videos. I also upload the designs to Redbubble for sale.
Learn more about each of my Geofilters on my Behance
As of January 2023, my 234 Geofilter designs have gotten
37.3 million uses | 2 billion views
Snap Inc.
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Adobe Illustrator
July 2017 Bustle article
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