After the end of my contract position at Nike in December 2023, I decided to spend my unemployment time tackling the steep learning curve of CLO 3D—an apparel rendering software that allows you to visualize & simulate digital garments in a virtual 3D space. 
I began learning the powerful tools of the software by deconstructing pre-made templates and recreating existing San Francisco Giants jerseys with accurate colors, graphics, trims, & piping. Once I felt comfortable enough with the basics of CLO 3D, I decided to use this software to pursue my next passion project...
Monterey Bay FC is a soccer team based in Seaside, CA that has been playing in the second-tier USL Championship since its inception in 2021. I spent a huge chunk of my childhood in California's Monterey County, so it was very nice to finally have a hometown professional team to root for!
In 2022, Pete Rogers started designing a new Boston Celtics jersey after every win. Rogers' series went viral on social media and over the next few years, more "Designing a new jersey after every win" series began sprouting up around basketball fanbases and eventually crossing over to the baseball & soccer worlds. 
Following the footsteps of Pete and other designers after him, I decided to make a concept kit for every Monterey Bay FC win or draw during the 2024 USL Championship season! I also expanded this project's scope to include wins & draws for Monterey Bay FC 2 during their 2024 USL League Two season. Each kit highlights a different community & event throughout the 831 area code.
As with my previous projects, I'm conducting extensive research into each community to make sure that their kit represents what the location is best known for. I'm utilizing design suggestions from Monterey Bay FC supporters as well as my local knowledge of the area I called home for sixteen years.
These kits are designed on Adobe Illustrator and are rendered on CLO 3D using 3D kit templates from Designs by Corinth.
Personal passion project
Sports logo and soccer jersey concepts
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